End of the contest !

Posted on: 13.05.2021

End of the contest!


Yes! I can finally share the results of the contest with you!

As usual, you surprised me with your commitment and the heart you put into your competition entries. It's so cute to see you try to please me right now in your earthly life. I can't wait to meet you in person so that I can thank you in a memorable and a very naughty way for all of this!


TOP 10!

Each of the submitted works is unique in its own way and has a very special place in my heart. However, it was these ten that made the biggest impression on me.

Nr 1!


Author: Gysselle Ferreira Limaa

Beautiful, hot and deadly - yes, that's me! The author perfectly captures the essence of my being. The sweetness flowing from this warm art captured my heart. A burning kiss for you Gysselle: *

Nr 2!

Author: Rayscent Van Rivera Garriga

Boom, headshot! I have to admit that even in the heat of battle I still look like a sexy beast! I always say this - when you have to kill and mutilate - have fun while you're at it!

Nr 3!


Author: Raiko Hikaru

I'm not a patient demon, but in this case I couldn't take my eyes off the screen! The shocking amount of detail in every centimeter of this drawing made me spend hours before I was able to count all the skulls. Awesome!

Tough decisions!

Have I mentioned how hard it was for me to decide which works to award? In fact, any of the submitted works from my top 10 could be in the first place. Each is unique in its own way and required different skills.

I can't help but mention the extremely hot cosplay made by "Pius Menti". Damn girl, you are a living sex demon! A stunning beauty!


As all contest prizes are digital only, you will need to wait for the Succubus to launch before we can deliver them to you.

But do not worry, it will be soon!

If you are reading my blog but somehow you missed the contest, don't worry - before the game's premiere, I'm going to organize another contest with very attractive prizes!

Submitted works!

Over 40 artists took part in the competition! Thank you very much for the submitted works, each of them made my heart beat faster! You are all wonderful!
See you in hell!